The Jamie Foxx-produced comedy series on Showtime, White Famous is being canceled by the network, The Hollywood Reporter reveals. The series follows Floyd Mooney (Jay Pharoah), a comedian climbing the ladder in Hollywood while grappling with fame, and still attempting to maintain his credibility as he begins to swim in the mainstream, becoming “white famous.”

The half-hour program was reportedly based on Foxx’s own life, and hustle in Hollywood. Unfortunately, while the show’s motives might have been genuine, it garnered a slew of lukewarm reviews. “White Famous Is a Stale, Pandering Look at Hollywood,” Vulture opined, while Entertainment Weekly second-guessed the decision to cast Foxx in his own show.

“So White Famous wants to cast Foxx as a north star of stardom for young Floyd. But his presence makes the whole show feel ego-strokish. Actually, everything here feels ego-strokish,” writes Darren Franich.

White Famous premiered on October 15, 2017, and spanned 10 episodes. Throughout its run, the show amassed 1.8 million viewers weekly among all viewing platforms. Still, the series will be available on various Showtime streaming platforms.