Social media may not be the best way for Tamar Braxton to work through marriage woes. After a long holiday weekend full of drama, Braxton disabled her Instagram account on Tuesday (Jan. 2), and promised to stop publicly commenting on her relationship with estranged husband, Vincent Herbert.

The abrupt vow of silence came after Braxton denied reports that she reconciled with Herbert, who she filed for divorce from late last year.

Over the weekend, Braxton accused Herbert of getting another woman pregnant. The singer also tipped the media off to Herbert being arrested at her home on Christmas, and in a separate comment on the post, she implied that Basketball Wives star Laura Govan could be the pregnant woman in question.

Once everything blew up online, Braxton found herself defending Herbert following a tweet from singer Melissa Schuman (of the pop group Dream). Schuman retweeted a TMZ story about Braxton getting Herbert arrested for spousal assault.

“This one I am not surprised by,” Schuman tweeted adding that Herbert is the reason why she suffers PTSD in the recording studio.

“He verbally and emotionally abused me when I was 14 while recording Dream’s first record. Isolated us from each other and forced me us loose weight,” Schuman claimed.

Braxton responded by warning the former pop star to tread lightly:

After Braxton called her out, Schuman explained that she wasn’t attempting to insert herself into “their reported family life but highlight and re-emphasize a problem in the music industry. “

Meanwhile, Govan, is also setting the record straight. In interviews with the Breakfast Club and the Daily Pop on Tuesday, the mother of four clarified that she’s not dating Herbert, and is certainly not pregnant by him.

“It’s not true,” she said. “I don’t even know Vince like that. No disrespect, I think he’s a great guy, but he’s so not my type.”

Govan revealed that she reached out to Braxton, but hasn’t heard back. “I don’t know what she believes to be honest with you, but [she] can’t really believe that this is true.”

Listen to her full chat with the Breakfast Club below.