Remember when the Fresh Prince met George Jefferson? Or when Steve Urkel went to the Full House? What if someone told you that Scandal’s Olivia Pope would be meeting How to Get Away With Murder’s Annalise Keating soon?

Some of the most memorable episodes of television shows have become so indelible because of formerly improbable crossovers. Now, there are rumors that TGIT fans could be getting a shiny, new series collaboration.

Olivia Pope is bidding the world adieu after the seventh and final season of Scandal this year. But probably not before making her mark on ABC’s TGIT lineup alongside “HTGAWM” stars. Fans may find this difficult to believe after an April Fool’s story about a crossover involving Shondaland shows, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder last year but this time is different. Perhaps, the interest garnered from the faux story gave an idea to the powers that be.

Early Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 3), Scandal star Kerry Washington posted a photo captioned, “Hey Ms @violadavis check it out. This spot looks familiar?! Where are you?” Shondaland fans immediately recognized that Washington was in the courthouse from the set of HTGAWM. Moments later, Washington’s post got a response.

Hey Ms @violadavis ❤️ check it out. This spot look familiar?! Where are you?

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Emmy-winner Viola Davis posted a photo of herself in Scandal’s Oval Office captioned, “Hey @KerryWashington, guess where I am?!”

Hey @KerryWashington, guess where I am?!

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Drama series crossovers are not an anomaly in the television industry but in all the years that Shondaland shows have run simultaneously, the stars of said shows have never shared a set. The idea of a crossover is difficult to stomach—this would be the stuff of legends, naturally.

ABC reps and Shonda Rhimes’ Shondaland producers have not yet commented on the possibility of the crossover, Deadline says, but excitement is rampant, nonetheless.

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, HTGAWM, and Scandal will air on ABC on January 18.