50 Cent paid a visit to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Thursday night (Jan. 4) and hip-hop was off the table, as Curtis Jackson hit on everything from Pres. Trump to North Korea’s nuclear problems and the surprising origin of his stage name.

The interview began with Colbert letting 50 know that he had a new nickname for him: Half-Dollar Jackson. The G-Unit major smiled and replied, “That’s just for me and you, Stephen.” The Grammy-winning rapper then shared with Colbert that it was, in fact, Sharon Osbourne who gave him one of the most beloved variations on his stage name.

“Sharon Osbourne gave me that nickname, ‘Fiddy Cent.’ That’s how she says it… And it’s been that ever since” he revealed.

The executive producer of hit Starz show Power also spoke on his upcoming film Den of Thieves where he will star alongside Gerard Butler. The rapper explained that his name in the film appears as Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, and for good reason. He informed Colbert that his given name and stage moniker have different personalities.

“Curtis Jackson is my Grandmother’s child. That’s when I clean up,” he said.

Afterwards, the two shared sentiments on Donald Trump, with Jackson talking about the president’s feud with North Korea and explaining that his threats towards the country could be bluffs that might have serious repercussions in the world.

“He’s bluffing, but you don’t bluff with the entire world. You don’t do that because he don’t want that smoke,” he said. “WE don’t want that smoke.”

The show’s funniest moment came when Jackson gave the host some pointers on how to properly ‘beef’ with another person. Jackson, notorious for perfecting the art of the celebrity feud, explained that beef isn’t always bad.

“You gotta create competition so you stay on your game,” said 50, who then showed Colbert how to get into feuds with his late-night television contemporaries, aiming shots at Jimmy Kimmel and Food Network host Bobby Flay.

“We’re gonna start this right now. F**k you Bobby,” the rapper said, as Colbert burst into laughter.