Oprah Winfrey is a lot of things: successful, smart, kind, funny and obviously a great speaker, but what Ms. Winfrey is not is someone who will tolerate disrespect.

The 2018 Cecile B. DeMille recipient took to Instagram to promote her support of the #TimesUp movement on CBS the day before the mudslides devastated her home. An Instagram user used this as an opportunity to post a snide remark under the philanthropist’s photo, probably with the belief the 63-year-old wouldn’t respond. But oh! Ms. Winfrey had time.

#ClapBackSeason: Y'all, #Oprah has time today! 😂

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“Then why are you hear on this feed,” Winfrey questioned.”Life is too short to follow and engage with people you don’t like. Peace out.”

Now a clap back from Oprah might seem like an accomplishment, but if you really went out of your way to merit a negative reaction from a woman who built schools in Africa then maybe you failed at life.

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