50 Cent wears plenty of hats like rapper, producer, actor, and businessman. Those titles are bound to lead him on the path to becoming hip-hop’s next billionaire.

With Den of Thieves hitting theaters tomorrow (Jan. 19), Mr. Jackson answered fan inquires from Wired about his plans for world domination. The series, which centers around the web’s most pressing questions about celebrities, had plenty for 50.

Some included wonders about his hometown of Queens, the meaning of his biggest hits like “Candy Shop” and “21 Questions” and his bank account. “Absolutely not,” the rapper says about the billionaire question. “But I’m on my way there buddy. Still stacking a few chips.”

Some other questions about 50 included his deal with Vitamin Water, his hidden boxing talents, and his fake internet death. “50 Cent died in a relationship with this girl in Jamaica, Queens,” he said. “With women, you may die a million deaths.” Some also wondered if he’s a nice guy. “I love 50 Cent,” he said in third person. “People can say what they want about him, but he’s a nice guy.”

Check out the clip above.

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