Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has spent years trolling Sean “Diddy” Combs online. For the most part, Diddy ignored 50 Cent’s jabs, but The Four: Battle for Stardom panelist did address his “rival” while on The Breakfast Club.

During his own appearance on the radio show last week, 50 was asked about his constant suggestions that Diddy was gay. The Bad Boy founder finally responded to the G-Unit leader’s comments.

“I don’t have no beef with Fif. He loves me. Y’all can’t see that he loves me? You really think that’s hate?” said Combs about the 42-year-old instigator. “You know he loves me.”

He continued, “We are not the same. We are not cut from the same cloth… I respect that [he works hard]. I don’t even think of no other man. If I’m thinking about another man, I’m thinking about uplifting. All them gnats, they can’t really touch me.”

Diddy also stated that he doesn’t take 50 Cent’s jokes personally and he will never say anything negative about his “I Get Money (Remix)” collaborator. However, the man formerly known as Puff Daddy added, “It’s something about me that has him on me all the time, and I’m not going nowhere.”

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