The last few times we heard from Flavor Flav, it was about some petty beef between him and Chuck D and more recently it was because Public Enemy’s iconic song “Fight the Power” was announced as a Grammy Hall of Fame entry. But the latest event is just… strange.

Apparently, Flav found himself on the receiving end of a series of unfortunate events at South Point Casino in Vegas, TMZ reports. According to law enforcement, Flav was attacked at the South Point Casino on Tuesday night (Jan. 23). Alleged footage displays the suspect, Ugandi Howard as identified by Flavor Flav, throwing the first punch.

The Public Enemy rapper reportedly went down on impact, but according to Flav, he only went down because he pulled a groin muscle amid all the excitement. Howard reportedly threw hits after the rapper had “accused him of somehow disrespecting his mother,” Flav told cops. Howard was taken into custody and Flav was taken to the hospital.

Chuck and Flav were able to resolve their beef. Maybe this will repair itself, too.