Diddy is the king of cropping unwanted extras out of fly photos, and apparently, even his close friends aren’t exempt from his cutthroat aesthetic. The mogul was recently caught editing French Montana out of a Grammys photo, and the Internet wants to know why.

As always, Diddy celebrated black excellency and royalty by posting a photo of JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Nas standing together at what looks like a Grammys party. “3 Kings! GREAT FRIENDS! Love you guys. #BlackGreatness,” the caption read.

Admittedly, the photo was pretty suave, but some Twitter detectives quickly noticed something odd about the photo. After a little more sleuthing, many discovered that French had been completely edited out of the photo. Fabolous was also cropped out. Fans posted the original photo online, showing that French was actually pictured in between Kendrick and Nas, while Fab was on the end.


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As we all know, French and Diddy not only have a good friendship, but they also have a business relationship as well. The two collaborated on the newest flavor of Ciroc, French Vanilla in 2017. Diddy is reportedly cool with Fabolous as well. With that being said, a lot of fans questioned Diddy’s motives online.

Sure, it does look a little fishy, but there could still be a logical explanation for this. There may have been numerous photos taken, in which some people swapped in and out of the frame. Or there could be another message about who really rules the rap game. Diddy hasn’t responded to the reports, so we may never know.