It isn’t a normal week if Kim Kardashian doesn’t post a nude photo of her on social media and the entire Internet blast her for it.

It was just like any other Thursday, when Kim K posted a photo of her semi-topless on Instagram, except this time, people didn’t have a problem with her being nearly naked. Instead, they took issue with whom Kim gave photo credit to.

“By North,” the caption read. In the corner of the pic, you could also see a blurry figure that looked like her 4-year-old daughter.

📸 by North

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Shortly after the picture was posted, a number of critics commented on Instagram, questioning her parenting skills. Others hopped on Twitter to express their concern regarding North West’s childcare. “Kim Kardashian now posting topless photos of herself taken by her 4-yr-old daughter. Pathetic & creepy,” one person tweeted. Another person went so far as to threaten to call child protective services on her.

This isn’t the first time Kim’s nudes have gotten her in trouble. The reality star is notorious for surprising her millions of followers with photos of her baring her butt and breasts. Even so, it’s still a little shocking that her daughter is actually the photographer in this case.

Clearly, that’s just how Hollywood families work these days. Check out the photo of Kim and the fans reactions here.