O.J. Simpson will appear in a forthcoming Sasha Baron Cohen film for which he was paid $20,000, reports the U.K. Daily Mail.

The outlet claims that Cohen donned a disguise (a curly wig and black “thick-rimmed glasses”) to meet with Simpson in Las Vegas on Sunday (Feb. 11). When approached by the Daily Mail, Simpson said that he knows Cohen “well”, but failed to confirm the rumored movie.

Naturally, there’s drama involved with the potential acting gig, being that Simpson owes money to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Simpson was acquitted of murdering Nicole, his ex-wife, and Goldman, who was her friend, following the 1995 “trial of the century.” However, the Brown and Goldman family won a civil judgment against the retired NFL player two years later. Simpson reportedly owes the families $70 million.

“Paying money, cash no less, in secret to O.J. Simpson is 100 percent unadulterated sleaze,” a lawyer for Goldman’s father told Fox News. “This is nuts. O.J. is eternally beyond redemption or forgiveness, but putting money in the hands of another is penance by other means. If [Cohen’s] movie is O.J.’s pot of gold, send us the check.”

Last October, Simpson was released from prison after serving nine years on unrelated kidnapping and burglary charges, and the Goldman were pretty sure that Simpson would be cashing in on his newfound freedom.

“Our prior experience with Mr. Simpson over many years indicates the contrary, that in fact he or his advisors, agents, attorneys, family members, or surrogates, are ‘shopping’ one or more entertainment, documentary, reality TV, or interview vehicles at this time,” the family stated in legal documents filed last month. “Such an asset would be subject to enforcement, which would include any revenues arising therefrom or any asset constituting a business opportunity or the like.”

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