Diddy’s iconic fashion brand, Sean John is reportedly turning 20 this year. And in celebration of this huge milestone, the brand has reportedly teamed up with a visionary artist for a major collaboration.

Sean John and the estate of Jean-Michel-Basquiat have reportedly teamed up for a capsule collection that will merges the worlds of fashion and art.

“We wanted to pay homage to Basquiat’s creative genius with this capsule collection,” Sean John President, Jeff Tweedy said in an official press release. “Basquiat’s influence on culture transcended race and class to highlight more pressing issues in society that are still relevant today. Using his art as a medium to fight racism, combat cultural appropriation or rebelling against power structures—Basquiat always challenged the standard. We felt that it was vital to tell his story and educate our consumers on this talented artist.”

The collection reportedly highlights Basquiat’s famous pieces, including “Pez Dispenser,” “Melting Point of Ice,” and “Dog.” The artist’s aesthetic is then transformed into bold styles on a series of denim wear, tee-shirts, and more.

Diddy says the interest in the collaboration was sparked after studying Basquiat’s progression in his own medium. “Despite never being formally trained Basquiat was able to transition from an underground unknown in New York City to an internationally acclaimed artist. It was his story and steady climb in the art world that really intrigued our team when we were mapping out this collaboration.” Sean “Diddy” Combs said. “Basquiat used his art as a vessel to delve further into his definition of being a black man in America. The Sean John creative team drew inspiration from the culmination of Basquiat’s work by mixing his profound messaging with his daring aesthetic.”

Sean John has also had a “steady climb” throughout the years. The brand originally launched on the fashion scene in 1998, providing customers with a certain edge and streetwear style. Over time, the company has become a go-to brand in hip-hop. Sean John is now an international brand.

The Sean John x Basquiat collection will be sold in Macy’s stores and online Feb. 2018.