Popcaan recently added Sound System Selector to his credentials and here is a glimpse of the Unruly Boss in action.

The dancehall deejay clashed with JR at last weekend’s FAAWUD sound clash and managed to clinch a victory using a bunch of Vybz Kartel songs. Popcaan has been honing his disc jockey skills since taking part in the Red Bull Culture Clash in London in 2016. He took part in the same event last year in Atlanta but was unable to make his presence felt due to some issues with his travel documents.

Though the FAAWUD sound clash between Popcaan and JR was as friends, it was highly entertaining. This is reminiscent of what an authentic sound system clash in dancehall culture is like. The 12-minute clip below gives a mashup of what actually took place.

Popcaan and Vybz Kartel have had a rocky relationship since the former Portmore Empire boss became incarcerated in 2011 and disbanded the group. Over the past few years, we’ve seen Kartel take some subliminal shots at his former protege. Despite getting some hate from the Gazanation, Popcaan still gives recognition to his former mentor even though he sometimes gets criticized for it.

In November last year, Popcaan went on a rant on Instagram Live while pushing back at criticisms from fans claiming that he sold out the Gaza. “Go s**k out your mother bout sell out Gaza,” he said. “Pu*** Gaza deh on sale batty man or batty gal. Shaniqua Brown go nyam out your muma. A we build Gaza bumbo hole. Which part Gaza a sell because everybody want to buy the Gaza.”

Check out the video from the sound clash below: