Famed comedian Mo’Nique has been in the hot seat since January when she called for fans to boycott Netflix. The Oscar-winning actress began speaking out against the streaming company after accusing them of racial and color bias for offering her a deal she deemed beneath her accolades.

Now, according to Essence, Mo’Nique’s argument seemingly hasn’t clouded her excitement for 38-year-old actress Tiffany Haddish. The comedian recently announced that she inked a deal for an upcoming animated series titled Tuca & Bertie.

After learning of the opportunity, fans took to Twitter to point out that if Haddish received a multi-million dollar contract, Mo’Nique’s actions may be the reason why. However, the Girls Trip star reassured spectators that this deal was in the works prior to Mo’Nique speaking out against the company.

Mo’Nique also showed a great deal of support to Haddish via Twitter.

In the past, Mo’Nique has been vocal on revealing the names of those that reportedly played a role in “blackballing” her career, including heavy-hitters like Oprah Winfrey, Will Packer, Lee Daniels, and Tyler Perry. Packer recently issued a statement via Twitter on her claims, writing, “…but no matter how ugly the truth is I will not publicly degrade a black woman. We can’t afford that. Not ever, but especially not in the age of Trump.”