The news of his estranged-“father,” Birdman, stating Tha Carter V will drop this year combined with pharmacy tycoon, Martin Shkreli, being forced to forfeit the only known copy of the album, seems to have left Lil Wayne in an extremely generous mood. A feeling that fans in Sydney, Australia got to experience firsthand as the New Orleans-native issued a heckler quite possibly the nicest threat given by a rapper.

On Saturday (Mar. 10), Weezy was nearly struck with a water bottle while performing at the Jumanji Festival. Instead of getting his posse to strike a blow, the entertainer patiently explained to the culprit why he or she mustn’t throw things.

“Okay, so let me let you know, where I’m from, I think y’all know that’s the States, we don’t throw s**t on stage because all my ni***s got pistols and they don’t know who to shoot at,” Weezy explained calmly. He also removed his Kurt Cobain-inspired sunglasses in hopes that listeners would see his sincerity.

“So if you throw something else, Imma be more safe, and Imma be the bigger person and just leave, ‘cause I don’t wanna kill everybody.”

As we know, Weezy hasn’t shown remorse to hecklers in the past. For his “Kloser 2 U” Idaho tour stop in 2017, the rapper cut his set short after a so-called fan tossed a drink on stage. In 2014, one of the members from his infamous Goon Squad knocked out a heckler for throwing a drink at the rapper during his Fort Lauderdale, Fla. show.

But peace rested on Wayne’s shoulders this time around, affording him the opportunity to backpedal to his original starting point, replace his clout-goggles, and he hit reset on a performance that continued without another hitch.

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