In an ELLE segment where she was given the opportunity to set some crazy headlines straight, Kim Kardashian West disputed rumors that say Kanye West is in the “sunken place,” despite any suspicious behavior.

After the film Get Out’s February 2017 release, people quickly adopted the metaphorical “sunken place” into daily jargon. Fans used it to describe anyone that wasn’t “woke,” so to speak. If you hadn’t seen it, you felt left out but if you had seen it, you knew it was the lowest of all insults.

Kanye West got it particularly bad. For most, the “sunken place” was the term they’d been waiting on to describe him or whatever fans thought he was becoming. It was a joke, but West was an easy target. Nonetheless, Kim Kardashian wasn’t and isn’t feeling the joke.“Another dumb, f**king Kanye Get Out reference,” she told ELLE. “People are so f**king dumb and stupid.”

This rebuttal comes over a year after the initial mentions of Kanye’s “sunkenness,” yet it’s still relevant. The evolution of West from BAPE and backpacks to blonde hair and contacts and his association with the Kardashians incited the reference. Many believe that anything post-808s & Heartbreak, Kanye was in that place. The icing on the cake is that Kanye hasn’t spoken a word publicly in months, appearing in videos with KKW, but staying committed to a private vow of quiet. His radio silence on social media hasn’t helped, either.

Kardashian West denied the claim among many other things, calling baby Saint West a genius and denying then-rumors about Kylie having been her surrogate. According to the same interview, Kanye may not be in the sunken place per KKW, but he’s definitely sending Kim emails about what’s hot and what’s not. And Kanye says that big sunglasses are out — so you know what to do.