Approximately 1800 people turned out to the very first of the annual National Secondary School Bands Showcase, supporting schools, sponsors, friends, and families – especially fathers!

The night’s proceedings were described as “heartwarming,” by both the coordinator of the event – Rodney Small and the title sponsors – SVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Tourism, Sports & Culture, who Rodney highlighted as major role players in bringing the event to life and have also pledged their support to the showcase for four years.

What was most inspiring to Rodney, however, was the support the show received and the effort put into performances!

“Persons left the event wanting more and was really pleased and amazed by the amount of live young musicians that cross the stage. For me the most outstanding aspect of the show was really the support the event got especially for a first time event, the level of discipline that was displayed by the students and their teachers, the songs selections were so mature and the students them selves were the ones who selected their songs.”

According to Rodney, the show was just one aspect of an entire project and efforts will be made to improve on the show in 2019.

“We have the mentorship program coming on stream very soon, a boot camp and to end off 2018 the selection of a national youth orchestra. We are hoping by the end of 2018 we have all 26 school bands on board. We are definitely going to be having the all-girls featured bands for next year showcase. We definitely wanna give the bands more time on stage.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the showcase, Rodney reveals that it was a marriage of his plans of a secondary school music program and SVGTCCU’s idea of music in schools.

“I decided that I wanted to write a project for the department that would be geared towards the secondary schools music program because most of the programs are in the primary level and after doing a lot of observing and investigation we realized that we had a big fall off on live bands and live music. What we also found out that the SVGTCCU also had the same idea of doing something with music in schools so we married the two ideas and came up with the school bands showcase as a project.”

See a live video from the showcase below: