R. Kelly’s 34-year-old ex Kitti Jones has been vocal about the singer’s alleged sexual activities with minors. In a new BBC3 documentary, Jones claims Kelly introduced her to a woman he “trained” since she was 14 to have sex with him, and others, in a “sex dungeon.”

Titled R. Kelly: Sex, Girls And Videotapes, Jones candidly details her experiences with Kelly. The Guardian notes the “Feelin’ On Yo Booty” singer coerced her to have sex with him at least 10 times, made women “crawl on the floor towards me and perform oral sex on me” and called the women he “trained” who also lived with him in his Duluth, Ga. home, or his Chicago recording studio, his “pets.”

According to Dazed documentary presenter, Ben Zand, said even though it was hard to film Kelly’s alleged victims, many of them African-American, their voices need to be heard.

“Pretty much every single African-American lady that I spoke to felt that there is little media appetite or action because they are black victims. And in most cases working class,” Zand said. “They’re all quite poor, a lot of them are from poor areas of Chicago and as a consequence, they just do not feel listened to at all.”

Jones’ allegations are similar to those made in July when parents of a 19-year-old aspiring singer and “three former members of Kelly’s inner circle,” one of which being Jones, approached Buzzfeed about Kelly possibly running a sex cult.

Kelly has been denying and dodging sexual allegations against him since the early 2000s, when a sex tape in which he urinated on a 14-year-old girl was made public and placed him on trial. Kelly was found not guilty. The Guardian reports he’s settled out of court with women as well. Still, people in his camp are steadfast in their allegations.

“It’s shocking just how willing people around him are to basically expose him,” Zand said.

Some people are fed up. Billboard caught Kelly’s labelmate, Jack Antonoff’s now deleted tweet expressing his hopes (RCA) drops R. Kelly. Atlanta’s managing director of the Creative Currents Artist Collaborative Oronike Odeleye sparked the #MuteRKelly campaign in hopes to stop his music from spinning on the radio or streaming services.

Kelly or his representatives haven’t commented on the new allegations.

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