Beyoncé is a headliner at Coachella this year after canceling her scheduled 2017 appearance because of her pregnancy. With two more perfect Carter-Knowles beings in the world, Beyoncé is ready for the huge California music festival on April 13…well, not quite ready, it seems. TMZ reports that Bey allegedly increased the number of her backup dancers from “about a dozen to 100” just one week before her first performance at the festival. That’s quite a jump.

Anonymous sources told TMZ that Beyoncé felt the need to “[up] her game” for the performance, which is apparently why she sprung for the XXL backup dancer package. These sources also claim that Bey’s rehearsals have since moved to a much larger studio, though we didn’t know how big the old one was to begin with. It’s been previously reported that Bey has been having 11-hour rehearsals in a secret, high-profile L.A. studio that is being patrolled by no less than seven security guards. It’s apparently so secret, in fact, that not even executives at her own record company know exactly what she and her team are up to.

The one thing that is definitely very easy to believe is that all of the dancers involved in her performance, whether it’s a dozen or over 100, have signed non-disclosure agreements. That part just feels right.

Reportedly, Beyoncé feels like she needs to “shock and awe” at the performance, especially since it’s been hyped for an extra-long time. Then again, that could just mean that she and her team have had all that extra time to plan a truly magnificent performance. Nevertheless, Beyoncé’s Coachella stage will reportedly have “all the fixings of an epic performance” including lights and visuals.

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