An unearthed video featuring a possible bandit in the Safaree armed robbery case has explained why the ordeal happened in a very 2018 way.

Featured on Opus Magnum’s YouTube account Wednesday (Apr. 4), a man sporting a bandana while wearing what appears to be rapper’s jewelry is seen on camera. There’s also a man behind him who’s face is also covered. While possibly incriminating himself, the bandit explains explains why the robbery took place.

“You owed us geez from the back end of that production sh*t, you know what the fu*k it was, it was me and a few of the homies and ni**a we stripped your motherf**king a**,” he said. “So ni**a come out the motherf**king bread that you owe us ni**a or it’s problems ni**a.”

Yawn. Perhaps the masked bandit is unaware that videos like these will more likely be seen by not just Safaree, but prosecutors who will use it in court. The video then goes on to show all of the rapper’s jewelry before jumping into parodies of Safaree’s interview with Angie Martinez. Police have shared that two men in the robbery, Shawn Harewood and Jonathan Ricketts, were charged with first-degree robbery. They are currently in a New York city jail awaiting extradition to New Jersey. Another man is on the run.

The robbery happened Monday (Apr. 2) just right before the Love and Hip Hop star appeared on Power 105’s Angie Martinez show. Safaree has yet to respond directly to the attackers but, has responded via Twitter to the people who have mocked him for crying in the interview.

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