Bobby Shmurda was previously sentenced to six to seven years in prison for a laundry list of offenses including conspiracy murder, drug, and weapon charges. While his full term will not conclude until 2022, new reports suggest the rapper could be getting out on parole as early as 2020.

The “Hot N***a” artist will reportedly have a parole hearing in Aug. 2020. If all things go according to plan, he could be eligible for an early release by Dec. 2020, according to TMZ.

The early parole is based on the prison system’s “time served” rule, according to sources. The 23-year-old reportedly sat in jail awaiting trial from Dec. 2014 until his sentencing in 2016. That being the case, he reportedly racked up a total of 685 days in prison. That tally is equivalent to nearly two years time served, which is why his sentence lessens to 2020 instead of 2022.

Shmurda is reportedly doing time for conspiracy to commit murder, weapons possession and reckless endangerment. While behind bars, the rapper has received a total of 11 violations for drug possession, fighting, and carrying a shank. So he’ll have to clean up his act if he would like to stay on track for an early parole. Bobby Shmurda is currently serving time in Upstate New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility.

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