Snoop Dogg has notoriously fired shots at Donald Trump during his presidential campaign and well into his presidency. While he’s made comments about 45 in his interviews, music videos, and other appearances, the veteran rapper has announced that he will no longer be reserving his energy to criticize the president.

Although Trump definitely hasn’t stopped his crazy antics, Snoop has noticeably softened his views and comments on him. On the season finale of his Uncensored docu-series, Snoop explain his change of heart, and it’s not because he likes the president any more than he did before. “You don’t answer to politics with negativity and the same energy that they have, because you’ll never win,” Snoop said. “This is system they designed. You can only beat the system by being the ‘anti.’ And the anti-hate is love.”

While Make America Crip Again rapper’s commentary on social media was usually just and comedic, he admitted that it was stooping to Trump’s low level. “[I] threw a few shots at him, but I felt like that was going nowhere fast, because he loves that,” Snoop explained. “Let me leave him alone and put some peace in the world, and put some love in the world, and not focus on him […] just unite people of all walks of life—be the anti of what he is.”

With that hate out of his heart, Snoop is leading a more righteous and happy life. “That’s why my world is so colorful and it’s so jubilant with happiness,” he said. “It’s not about a negative energy. Even though it’s considered gangster, but it’s the most lovable gangster in the world.”

The series finale of Uncensored will reportedly air this Sunday (Apr. 22), at 10/9 p.m. CT on TV One. Watch a clip in the video above.