Cardi B’s twerking while pregnant at Coachella caused a stir online.

But the 25-year-old rapper has two reasons why she decided to twerk, body roll, and do the butterfly on the ground with her tongue out while performing “She Bad” with YG.

“It looks like you’re getting ready to give birth right there,” said Ellen on her talk show, about clips of Cardi’s performance.

“They say the more you move, the easier it will come out,” Cardi said. “I was just trying to show the world how I got pregnant in the first place.”

“We were all curious and we didn’t know how,” joked Ellen. “So…and now we do. So that’s great.”

Cardi also revealed the name is already picked for her baby with Offset—and the Migos member is the one who picked it. Cardi declined to share the name on the talk show; instead, she’s giving Offset the honor at some point in the future. She did offer a hint: “It’s almost tricky, but when it comes out it’s like ‘ahh.'” Ellen offered to give her $20,000 to name the baby after her but Cardi counter-offered to use it for a middle name instead.

They didn’t finalize the deal but that didn’t stop Ellen from gifting Bardi some donuts for her pregnancy cravings, and a mini replica of Cardi’s outfit on the Invasion of Privacy album cover—yellow wig included—for the young one.