Taylor Swift-obsessed creepers have been particularly active this month.

According to TMZ, a man identified as Roger Alvarado was arrested Friday after he allegedly broke into the Swift’s NYC townhouse. The suspect reportedly gained entry after climbing a ladder and using his hand to break a window. Though someone reportedly alerted authorities after witnessing the break-in, Alvarado apparently had enough time to take a shower in Swift’s bathroom before taking a little nap.

This story is equal parts scary and confusing.

After officers arrived at the residence, they reportedly found the man catching some Z’s in Swift’s bed. Alvarado was then arrested on charges of stalking, burglary, and criminal mischief.

Swift, thankfully, wasn’t home during the break-in. In fact, TMZ reports the 28-year-old singer has never lived in the townhome since purchasing it several months ago.

On April 10, it was reported that a man named Bruce Rowley was arrested for allegedly robbing a bank in Ansonia, Connecticut. Rowley told officers he committed the heist to impress Swift, and said he threw the stolen money over the singer’s fence for her to find. He also said he intended to donate some of the money to the Ansonia Police Department. (What!?)

Officers could not immediately confirm whether or not Rowley actually traveled to Swift’s home. He has since been charged with robbery in second degree and larceny in the fourth degree.

Justin Lilly was also arrested earlier this month after he was caught trespassing Swift’s Beverly Hills compound. According to TMZ, Lilly was sentenced to three days in jail and three years of summary probation.

But the creepiness didn’t end there. Last Saturday, 38-year-old Julius Sandrock was arrested outside Swift’s Beverly Hills home, where he was caught wearing a mask and rubber gloves. TMZ reports officers eventually searched Sandrock’s car, where they found “an empty gun holster, live rounds of ammunition, latex gloves, black gloves, a knife and multiple types of masks, black rope, Rx medication, and psychologist paperwork.”

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