Joann “Buku” Kelly, the daughter of R&B singer R. Kelly, was questioned by TMZ about her father’s alleged sex cult and sexual misconduct allegations.

“Honestly, I don’t have much of a comment, it’s very close to my heart,” said the budding musician after being spotted in Atlanta. It’s apparent that the situation is something that troubles her. “Overall it’s hard, I try not to speak about it too much. It is what it is, I feel terrible,” she continued.

Since a Buzzfeed exposé on the “Step in the Name of Love” musician made the rounds, allegations about a sex cult full of teenage girls and women have loomed. Recently, a BBC documentary was released, where Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Kitti Jones explained that her former lover trained young women to be his “sex pets.” Last week, it was reported that Kelly’s lawyer and publicist “no longer represented” the controversial singer and songwriter.

As for Buku’s relationship with her father? Per the TMZ interview, it seems as though they’re not all that close. However, she said that because he’s her father, she’s going to make sure he’s okay.

“We’re family, so we’re gonna deal with each other,” the young woman says with a laugh.