It appears the saga behind Madonna’s Tupac handwritten letter lawsuit has seemingly come to an unceremonious end for the once reigning Queen of Pop.

To backtrack, the iconic pop star sued her ex-friend, Darlene Lutz, in July 2017 in efforts to prevent her from making money off of old memorabilia, which happened to include a quasi-breakup letter penned by Makaveli the Don himself.

Now, the New York Daily News is reporting that Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits ruled that because Madonna signed a settlement agreement back in 2004 relinquishing ownership to every item Lutz possessed, there simply is no case. He even reportedly told Madonna she should have sued her estranged brother, Christopher Ciccone, since he gave Lutz some of the items.

“(Madonna) knew that throughout her relationship with Lutz, Lutz was in possession of various pieces of (Madonna’s) personal property,” Lebovits wrote. “Yet before this action began, the plaintiff did not make any demand to return her possessions.”

Obviously, soon-to-be-more-profitable Gotta Have It! auction house co-owner Ed Kosinski co-signed the judge’s ruling, telling the Daily News, “It’s a clear-cut victory for us. [Madonna] shouldn’t have signed a settlement agreement relinquishing the right to all property in Darlene’s possession.”

The latest ruling reverses Madonna’s short-lived victory in summer 2017 when the letter was ordered to be removed from a Gotta Have It! auction.

Check out the Tupac handwritten letter down below.

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