Bow Wow and Nas may seem like like an odd pair, but it turns out it’s not actually that unusual. In fact, Bow Wow revealed the two were reportedly plotting to collaborate on a project back in 2011. And before you clown him, the rapper pulled out the receipts to prove it.

Over this past weekend (Apr. 29), Bow Wow shared a screenshot of his previous Twitter DM conversation with Nas seven years ago. It appears that Bow slid in the Queens rapper’s DMs first with the hopes of working on an album together. “Big homie, I want u on my album what I gotta do,” he requested. After a day rolled by, Nas answered: “Peace lil bro send me a contact to reach u.”

Unfortunately, the “Yeaahh” rapper left us hanging in regards to the conversation that followed that message, but clearly the album never happened. “I really wanted this to happen,” he wrote on Instagram. “Things i work on and who im good with you might never know. I wanted this soooo bad. STILL DO. ONE DAY I PRAY ONE DAY.”

A joint album with Bow Wow may not be on Nas’ radar at the moment however. The rapper was recently accused of physically abusing his ex-wife Kelis. The “Milkshake” singer revealed the couple’s strained past and present in a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked.

As for Bow Wow, the rapper is shifting focus to his new release, Greenlight 6, which drops on May 21.

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