Jada Pinkett Smith and Sheree Fletcher are back to discuss the ins and outs of motherhood and co-parenting on Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch television show, Red Table Talk. During Wednesday’s live show, Pinkett Smith and Fletcher (her husband Will’s ex-wife) talked about co-motherhood, blended families and much more.

Many of the comments and questions that were answered live on May 9 pertained to communication between wives dealing with blended families. As they detailed in episode one of the show, their relationship as co-mothers to Trey, Jaden and Willow Smith got off to a very rocky start.

“How did you handle parenting ideas that were completely different from yours?” one question asked. Fletcher, who said she was a more “old school parent” compared to Pinkett Smith, recalled an instance when Jaden came over to her house when he was young and devoured a honey baked ham, despite Jada’s rules of not being allowed to eat pork.

“I remember that!” laughed Jada. “But those are the kind of things that you have to put aside. You kinda have to get to a place where you have to let certain things go…stuff like ham, you let it go!”

The duo also talked about how they kept a journal between the two of them during their early years of co-parenting, which allowed them to “choose their words” when trying to discuss motherhood and their differences.

“That was a great way for us to hash out some of our…stuff…without children being a part of that,” said Fletcher. “I’ve moved a few times, but this is something that I always keep by my bed.”

As for feeling threatened by each other when Pinkett Smith first got together with Will, both ladies agreed that realizing and being secure in their power as women and mothers helped to diminish the anger towards the situation.

“The resentment that we have for the bonus mom…we feel like our position is threatened,” said Fletcher. “You have to be secured and settled in the fact that no one can replace you as a mom…your position is solid.”

“We have to be in touch with our own self-worth,” said Pinkett Smith. “That helps, it’s absolutely needed.”

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Posted by Red Table Talk on Wednesday, May 9, 2018