The Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) has commenced an investigation into the unauthorised use of what appears to be a marked police vehicle, in a music video, now in circulation on social media.
The investigation was initiated by the PSB on Wednesday after instructions were received from Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams.
On Tuesday, a music video titled “Bunnin It” was released on YouTube by a artiste known as The Writer & Riddim Royals.
At the start of the video, a man who appears to be smoking, sits on what appears to be a police vehicle parked in a coconut plantation.
The lyrics include: “When I on the beach I bunnin it, in the middle of the street I bunnin it, in the front of the police I bunning it, all when I in my sleep, I bunnin it”.
Before the video begins, there is a note that states “The Label advised us to exclude the opening footage. F@# the label. F@# the police too”.