Popular entertainer Capleton has been granted bail in the sum of $250,000 on a rape charge.

Capleton, whose real name is Clifton Bailey made his first appearance in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court this morning, four days after the 51-year-old was charged by detectives at the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse.

Parish Judge Vaughn Smith ordered Capleton not to have any contact with the complainant.

The entertainer was also ordered to submit his fingerprints to the police.

However, the judge turned down a request by the clerk of court, Hansurd Lawson, for the entertainer to surrender his travel documents as part of his bail conditions.

Lawson made the request after Capleton’s attorney, Christopher Townsend, indicated to the court that his client has a number of overseas shows from May 25 to June 27.

According to the clerk of court, Capleton’ s bail conditions can be varied to allow him to travel for each slated performance.

Smith, after hearing the submissions, said he would not order that Capleton submit his travel documents but warned that he may do so if the entertainer misses one court date.

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