Over the weekend, Barrington Levy did an interview on Roses FM radio, where he cleared up questions about his health, after announcing, last week, that he has “a virus.”

During his interview, Levy confirmed that he did not have a deadly virus like HIV, however, he has a virus that he would like to spread around the entire world.

When asked if he has HIV/Aids, Gonorrhea, Ebola, Syphilis, and Chikungunya, he replied no to all of them. The singer said he didn’t tell the world that he has Aids or any other virus and that people misunderstood what he said. However, in the viral video posted on his Instagram page, Barrington Levy says he has “a virus” without elaborating any further which leaves more questions than answered.

Sources told UrbanIslandz.com last weekend that it was a PR stunt on the part of the entertainer who is working on a new project.

“People, I do not have aids or any other sickening virus,” Barrington Levy continues. “The virus that I have I would like everybody in the world to really spread this virus with me. To the world, trust me we need to have this virus, and this virus is something that you need to have… This virus is called the love virus.”

That statement helps clears up a lot of the question that fans have and they will surely be breathing a sigh of relief after this.

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