A row has developed between popular Vincentian artist Grabba Finesse and Youtube channel uploader Vincy Connect.

Vincy Connect has become one of the go-to channels for local music but has now been closed down by Youtube after receiving 4 strikes from various complainants, including Grabba who said his music is being used without his authorization.

Vincy Connect, responding on Hot971 says that it was Grabba who emailed him his music and any money generated by the song would go to the artist. Grabba earlier had stated on AM Mayhem that he had instructed Vincy Connect to remove the song as he was the copyright holder otherwise, he would issue a “strike” to Youtube, which he subsequently did.

In a further development, Hakeen Yearwood of Hakeen Beats claims that the music, in fact, belongs to him. Hakeen stated that he produced the song last year and sent it to Grabba to sing on. He stated the next he heard of the song was on the radio and that it was now a “riddim” featuring a number of artists including Royal and Lavaman. Grabba countered that Hakeen is declared as a 50% copyright owner and released a voice note in which Hakeen seems to give Grabba full permission to use the song.

Something tells us this saga is not over.