Amber Rose and Kanye West are so 45 minutes ago, but that still didn’t stop the model, author and activist from offering her two cents on her famous ex-boyfriend. During a sit down with host Jesse Lee Peterson of The Fallen State, Rose said she immediately picked up on uncanny similarities between West and Donald Trump.

“When I first seen Trump on the podium and just kind of running for president, I was like, ‘Oh my God, that is Kanye in a white man’s body,’ ” Rose recalled. “I really felt like they have the same personality.”

Rose said West’s appreciation for art may have been what motivated him to give the president a chance.

“Kanye’s the type of person that he loves art, and he loves the art in things, so I think that he appreciates the politics that Trump used in order to get in office, because Trump was a Democrat for like 30 years I heard, or something like that. So I could only hope that Trump kind of used the white people, seemingly like racist white people, to get in office maybe for the greater good. I don’t know.”

The Slut Walk creator and organizer also spoke on Trump’s various sexual scandals and how she perceives the relationship of the president and First Lady.

“I think he’s a sexual predator. I feel bad for Melania,” she said. “I want her to get a divorce and become an activist. But that’s what I can only assume.”