Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch talkshow Red Table Talk has been getting rave reviews for its upfront and honest approach to tackling everyday topics. Monday’s episode (May 28) saw the actress and Gabrielle Union squashing their 17-year beef like grown-a** women. According to Smith, her relationship (or lack of) with Union “was some petty a** sh*t.”

“Gabrielle and I were never really girlfriends, we were great associates that at some point, that dissolved and for 17 years we have not really spoken,” said Pinkett Smith. “We don’t even know [what we’re mad at]. Today I really want to talk to Gabrielle to find out how we as women, specifically, get here. And this particular episode is about healing.”

Union said that she found delight in tearing other women down during her “rock bottom” phase, which was after her first marriage ended. However, her trainer/life coach AJ Johnson set her straight.

“I’m a hater, I’m a troll,” Union explained. “[Johnson] was like, all those negative things that had been happening in your life, it’s exactly what you’re putting out, you’re getting back. I had to see myself clearly. It’s ugly, it’s hard, it’s painful to recognize that you are the common denominator for the vast majority of your problems.”

The duo said that their discussion for the show was helpful for growth and reclaiming their own time. Smith explained that speaking with her fellow actress was “like a gorilla hopped off my back that I didn’t even know was there.”

“I needed that, I needed you. So, thank you,” she smiled. Ultimately, Smith gifted Union with a key necklace, which she says is a reminder that “[she] is the key to [her] power.”

Girls Trippin'

Jada Pinkett Smith and Gabrielle Union have an open discussion about the ups and downs of friendship and the power of sisterhood.Make sure to follow Red Table Talk for more episodes!

Posted by Red Table Talk on Monday, May 28, 2018