Kim Kardashian went to Washington D.C. to meet with Donald Trump and Jared Kushner, in order to discuss prison reform.

The former reality star posted a picture on his Twitter page of him and the reality star and business mogul in the Oval Office, with the caption “Great meeting with @KimKardashian today, talked about prison reform and sentencing.”

Kardashian’s meeting also dealt with the discussion of pardoning 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who has been in prison for more than 20 years for a drug offense, and is not eligible for parole.

Kardashian was reportedly moved by Johnson’s story, which she saw on Twitter. She told Mic, ‘‘I think that she really deserves a second chance at life. I’ll do whatever it takes to get her out.’’

“I’ve been in communication with the White House and trying to bring her case to the president’s desk and figure out how we can get her out,” she continued. While Kardashian is not a supporter of Trump, her husband Kanye West has actively expressed his approval of the controversial figure.

Last week, Trump posthumously pardoned Jack Johnson, boxing’s first back heavyweight champion, which came over 100 years after what many believe was a racially charged conviction.