ASAP Rocky has found himself in the middle of this messy, but entertaining feud between Drake & Pusha T.

Earlier this week, Pusha unleashed his scathing “Story of Adidon” track—a three-minute attack on Drake’s friends, family, and personal life. Among the slew of allegations mentioned in the cut, was the rumor that Drake had a secret child with former adult film star Sophie Brussaux.

Sophie knows better, ask your baby mother
Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her
[…] You are hiding a child, let that boy come home
Deadbeat motha****a, playin’ border patrol
Adonis is your son
[…] Love that baby, respect that girl
Forget she’s a pornstar, let her be your world

So where did Pusha get this information? According to several sources, Push may have heard about it from Brussaux reported ex-boyfriend Rocky.

Per Black Sports Online: “ASAP Rocky knew everything that was going on because he was still seeing Sophie even while she was pregnant,” a source said. “Everyone knew that she thought Drake was the father, but ASAP confirmed it as 100% true to Pusha T who decided to use that information in his song. Sophie is a known groupie and former escort. She married a man for a green card and still is technically married. Drake unfortunately picked the wrong one to not use protection with, she thinks she hit the lottery with him.”

Shortly after the story was published, Rocky responded via Twitter. And although he didn’t exactly deny the rumors, he sent a loud message to those who were trying to bring him into the drama.