Tyrese reportedly has another set of money woes on his hands. The actor and musician is being sued by American Express for accruing $61,000 in unpaid credit card debt.

According to TMZ, “Tyrese said he was having huge money problems back in November stemming from his ongoing feud with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson. Tyrese had filed docsclaiming he pulls in $105,686 per month, but has monthly expenses of $107,576.”

If you can recall, Gibson posted a tear-filled video last year discussing his legal fees, which he claimed totaled $13,000. Recent court documents revealed that the Fast & The Furious actor had nearly $900,000 in the bank. $7,500 is spent on child support, nearly $15,000 is spent for his mortgage and $10,000 is spent on groceries.

Gibson was granted shared custody of his daughter Shayla, however, he recently requested full custody. He is expecting his second child later this year with his current wife, Samantha.

“Tyrese, who suffered a public meltdown in the fall, and Norma have been engaged in a bitter custody battle for months,” reports Page Six. “Norma requested—and was ultimately denied—a restraining order against Tyrese, who she claimed allegedly beat their daughter. A judge ruled there wasn’t an ongoing pattern of harassment by Tyrese against Norma or their daughter.”