The late Bob Marley has long been acknowledged as a legend so the production of his biopic is probably overdue, but better late than never. According to Deadline, the famed musician’s son Ziggy Marley is teaming up with Paramount to create a film about the reggae singer’s life and contributions to music.

While he worked within the realm of reggae music, Bob Marley’s genius is recognized universally. The music that he presented the world with during his life, cut short by cancer at 36, continues to be sung and sampled by artists like Migos (“Crown The Kings”). Marley’s cultural prominence shone through on songs like “Get Up Stand Up,” “Buffalo Soldier,” “One Love,” “No Woman, No Cry,” and “Redemption Song.”

Ziggy Marley worked closely with his father and found himself impressed upon by his talent, earning first-hand experience and narrating capacities. In his own career, he’s been awarded for his talents, including a Daytime Emmy for “I Love You Too” and a Grammy for Best Reggae Album last year.

Bob Marley’s life has been explored by way of documentaries in the past, but this approach would use more creative lenses to highlight and emulate those events that may have slipped past the public eye.