Georgetown was ablaze with activities last Saturday as people, near and far, came together for North Windward rural carnival celebrations, particularly, the Jump-Up.

The day ended at Vibe SVG’s after party on a playing field in Brownstown, where many local artist took the stage (in this case, a truck) to perform for fans.

One of these artists was Chewalee, who took the mic to present some of his latest hits. Like a few Soca artists before AND after him, he proceeded to “bun out battyman,” something that is regularly done to promote a “forward” for whichever performing artist recites it. It is usually well received and does, in fact, incite a “forward” for the performing artist.

Chewalee however, (in hindsight) has regrets about this. In a Facebook post, Chewalee confessed that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time and apologizes for the comments he made, as they do not fall in line with his personal principles.

Many individuals have commended him for his apology, while others insist that an apology isn’t necessary and that homosexuality is wrong.