Retail chain Target is under fire for selling a card featuring a kissing black couple with the words “Baby Daddy” emblazoned on it.

Texas resident TaKeisha Saunders posted a picture of the card on Facebook a few weeks ago, writing that she did not feel that the card, which was intended for a husband, did not feature any terms of endearment.

“There were plenty of cards, but since I am black and my husband is black, I tend to gravitate to products that represent me and my situation,” she told Buzzfeed News via email. “I saw this card and was surprised and disappointed. It was the only card that featured a black couple. My husband is not my baby daddy. I think many people who use the term are not aware of its actual definition so they said I was being overly sensitive and to get over it.”

“We want all guests to feel welcomed and respected when they shop at Target,” Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas said in a statement.“We were made aware of some concerns about this card last week and are working with our vendor to have it removed from Target stores.”

While there was a large group of people who responded negatively to the card, several others found no issue with the saying.

“So apparently Target and other stores are selling “Baby Daddy” cards for Father’s Day,” a Twitter user wrote. “People are angry and I think the sh*t is funny as f**k,” they continued.

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