Marion Hall (formerly Lady Saw) says she “cares nothing at all” about Spice being the new “Queen of Dancehall.”

During an interview with OnStage host Winford Williams, the former hardcore Dancehall artist expressed that some of the tracks coming from the hardcore genre are simply “foolishness.”

Watch footage of interview with Marion Hall commenting on Spice taking over her throne.

Minister Marion Hall plans to embark on a tour after the release of her sophomore gospel album “His Grace” on July 12.

As Lady Saw, she was called a sexual goddess, a lyrical mastermind, and the “Queen of the dancehall.”

She is the first female deejay to win a Grammy Award and to be certified as a triple-platinum artist.

To this day, her music is still loved and she remains one of the outstanding contributors to the genre, having paved the way for other females artistes such as Spice and Macka Diamond.

On December 14, 2015 she got baptised and began a new music career in Gospel music.

Now, Marion Hall says she has devoted her life to God, poised and ready to take on the next phase of her life in the gospel music industry.