Barbie always has a job. When America was going through the Great Recession and Americans were losing their employment left and right guess who was recession proof? Olivia Pope and Barbie. Now it seems the iconic doll Barbie has ventured into a new career.

Earlier this week, Matel revealed a new line of dolls aimed at teaching girls as young as seven how to code. In partnership with kids game based computer system Tynker, Robotics Engineer Barbie offers six free coding lessons to anyone who purchases the doll.

Dressed in jeans, a graphic T-shirt protective goggles and a denim jacket Robotics Engineer Barbie will teach girls the building blocks of coding, logic and problem solving.

The lesson for example show girls how to build robots, how to make them move or dance at a party and do jumping jacks.

According to the U.S. Department only 24 percent of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) are women. In the past 60 years alone, Barbie has had more than 200 careers.

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