Idris Elba is recognized globally for his handsome charm and film roles, but the British actor would like fans to get more acquainted with his passions for hip-hop and dance music. Elba has reportedly launched a new record label, 7Wallace Music, which will represent a roster of hip-hop artists.

The actor-DJ announced his new endeavor on Tuesday (July 3), along with his first signee, French artist James BKS. While James may be considered a new face, he has previously worked as a producer with Diddy, Talib Kweli, and many other bigwigs. He currently runs the creative house, Grown Kid, which composes music for Yves Saint-Laurent, Prada, and Giorgio Armani commercials.

“James is a rare find,” Elba told Billboard. “His hip-hop sensibilities transfer to the other music he makes, he’s a nice person to work with and is gonna be a strong artist in the future. It’s a huge move for 7Wallace, a small indie label.”

James will reportedly be releasing a single via 7Wallace Music, entitled, “Kwlele” on July 13. “I want people to get to know my journey,” James said in a statement. “The song is the musical answer to my inner questions. Finally, I can be proud of my roots and say this music is fully me.”