The ‘King Of The Dancehall’ is unable to contain his excitement as he gets ready to welcome his first child with girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson. Tomlinson found out she was pregnant in late April and so far is having a smooth sailing pregnancy which was confirmed by a source close to the dynamic duo.

“It’s been five months, and everything is falling into place. She [Krystal] is preparing for the baby and fulfilling her professional dreams as well,” the source stated.
“She is in perfect health. The big difference is really how her body is changing and the inability to fit into her old clothes – and the random bouts of fatigue! She’ll be in the middle of a meeting, well rested from the night before and suddenly feel an intense wave of drowsiness,” the source added.

While mother to be Krystal is excited about her first pregnancy, she still manages to keep very busy as the 28 year old is a management coach and the president of the People’s National Party Youth Organisation. Krystal recently resigned as the public relations and engagement manager at the Digicel Jamaica Foundation, and started the Centre for Self-Management, a web-based platform, which offers online and face-to-face training in public speaking, financial literacy, productivity, and emotional intelligence.

Beenie Man is not shying away from ensuring that Krystal has a comfortable pregnancy. “It has been the most amazing five months of my life and Moses has been deliberate about creating a stress-free, tranquil environment at home so nothing interferes with my peace of mind. From the temperature to the TV volume. I call him the ‘Peace Police’,” she expressed.

Still very much excited even after 5 months in Beenie goes on to tell reporters, “[I’m] excited! Still excited. A few days after she showed me the ultrasound, I cried and said ‘Thank you’. Thank you for this blessing, Babe.’ These days when I say ‘Good morning’ and Krystal reply I have to remind her that is the baby I’m talking to because they need to know my voice. Honestly, it has been five months and I still don’t finish reacting yet.”

This will not be the first child for the ‘King Of The Dancehall’ as he has numerous children with multiple women. While Tomlinson is hoping to have a baby boy, Beenie predicts that they will have a girl child.