Minister Marion Hall sets out to release an album for all her fans, both new and previous, as she adds a ‘dancehall touch’ to her new album ‘His Grace’ which is set to be released officially on July 20.

“After listening to it, I realized I needed something like dancehall on it. I looked to God for help and came up with a song called Tun Back Christian. A lot of people are in the church but don’t know how to be content, and end up walking away from God. A lot of church folks, instead of encouraging them [they] chastise them, which doesn’t help the situation. The verses on it can sing along to, and I include a sinner’s prayer in there so you can ask God fi wash yuh off in His righteousness. There’s also Mighty God… I think the wait will be worth it,” Hall told Jamaica Observer. “Those two are for the Lady Saw fans.”

‘His Grace’ is self-produced and contains 17 tracks, 15 of which are believed to be hits be Minister Hall as she mentions how proud she is of her upcoming album.

“Out of the 17 tracks, I’m predicting 15 hits. It’s a praise and worship album with dancehall, mento — God give mi country gospel too. I’m just excited to have another album out soon. I’m not even going to get ahead of myself but I know this album has the potential to get a Grammy — it’s something else. Whatever God decides to do with it, He will. When I put out When God Speaks, God was talking to me; it’s the same with this album. It’s all about giving God the glory. It’s a powerful, mighty album, so if it’s His will, it will be done,” she said.
Being the first female deejay to every win a Grammy Award and to be certified as a triple-platinum artiste, Hall is looking to relive that moment with her new gospel album with a dancehall twist.

In addition to the title track, I’m Gonna Fast, Overflow, Gave It All Up For Jesus, Walk On Water, All That’s Left, Dead Man Walking, Love Like This, The World Can See, My God Is Alive, That Cross, You Are, Pay You Back, Lord We Need You, Tun Back Christian, Mighty God and Can’t Stop My Praise make up the 17 tracks on this album.

Hall got baptized in December 2015 and released her debut gospel album, When God Speaks, in July 2016 which peaked at number four on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart last year.