Joe Jackson chemically castrated his son Michael Jackson as a child to preserve Michael’s high-pitched voice into adulthood, according to Michael’s former doctor, Conrad Murray.

Murray says the hormone injections were some of “many sufferings” Michael endured due to his father’s maniacal drive for success in the entertainment industry.

Joe passed away in June at age 89.

The former cardiologist served two years in prison for involuntary manslaughter in connection to Michael’s death in 2009. His medical license is suspended in three states.

Murray treated Michael for many years and maintains the iconic singer confided in him about the myriad ways his father abused him and his siblings.

The same castration claim appears in Murray’s 2016 tell-all “This Is It!: The Secret Lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson.” He writes that Joe forced Michael to start getting hormone injections as early as age 12 to cure his acne and prevent his voice from changing during puberty.
Michael spoke publicly only a few times about his challenging upbringing, his father’s short fuse and the man’s affinity for corporal punishment.

“I was so fast, he couldn’t catch me half the time,” Michael said in a 2003 documentary. “But when he would catch me? It was bad. It was really bad.”

No members of the Jackson family have publicly acknowledged abuse allegations against Joe since his death.

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