Honoring his arrival to Los Angeles, a fan created a very detailed mural of LeBron on the side of a Los Angeles building and dubbed it “The King of L.A.” The title plays off his trademark nickname from his days in Cleveland in association with his new home, however, some of the residents of his new location are not in favor with the connotation.

After the mural was painted, a Twitter user, @BenOsaze, issued a $300 reward to anyone who would deface the mural. LeBron’s face was painted over and tags such as “No King” and “We don’t want you” were added in trashing of the mural. The image was fixed and adjusted to separate “The King” from “LA” by removing the “of” but it still did not suit the community. White paint now covers the mural entirely.

The Los Angeles Lakers are known for a winning culture and the expectations are for LeBron to deliver the franchise to the glory that it was once known for. That requirement from the Lakers faithful may be the reason that King James is not fully accepted until they are able to raise another banner in Los Angeles. With a cast of Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo and young talent ranging from Lonzo Ball to Kyle Kozma, it will be interesting to see how the ball bounces for Lakers Nation this season.