Azealia Banks got caught up in yet another controversy over the weekend. On Sunday (July 15), the Harlem native blasted the crew of MTV’s Wild ‘N’ Out for her horrible experience on set. She claims that members of the cast made her cry after being harassed thanks to “colorist jokes” throughout the comedic rap battle she didn’t expect to take part in.

Banks took to her Instagram to explain the whole situation in a lengthy post on Sunday (July 15). “I did Wildin’ out today. There were tons of pre-planned colorist jokes and of course …. cry baby cried. Some little scrawny black Atlanta twink was prepared for me. They planned this – hit me on short notice, told me I didn’t have to participate in the coon ass freestyle battles, (not my style) and I was to sing my song and go home,” the “Treasure Island” artist wrote.

The show’s creator Nick Cannon responded with a cryptic Instagram post that didn’t provide much detail to exactly what had transpired on set. “Don’t you hate when you create your own storms but forget your umbrella??? @azealiabanks We are praying for you Queen #speedyrecovery #Healing. She #Wildnout for real #Karma,” he wrote with a coinciding photo of Azealia’s Instagram story from earlier Sunday.

Banks’ anticipated Fantasea II: The Second Wave album is due out later this summer.