Amazon founder Jeff Bezos became the richest person ever yesterday afternoon when his fortune topped $151 billion dollars. The eye-watering figure, which is higher than some countries’ GDP, is the largest fortune Forbes has ever registered in three decades of calculating billionaires’ net worth. Amazon’s share price rose and fell as first investors were excited about Prime day – a one-day global shopping event that took place yesterday – and then scared off when its website crashed in the afternoon.
Bezos ended the day worth $150 billion after seeing his fortune increase by more than $45 billion since January 1. The American owns 16% of Amazon despite selling billions of dollars worth of shares to fund his space company Blue Origin.

Trailing behind Bezos on $93 billion dololars is Microsoft kingpin Bill Gates who Bezos overtook in March when he was announced to be world’s richest man. Gates’s fortune would be considerably higher had he not given away billions through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is one of the biggest transfers of wealth from an individual in history.
Bezos has yet to reach the philanthropic heights of Gates but earlier this year Jeff handed $33 million to The Dream which provides scholarships for undocumented immigrant children in America. However, he appealed on Twitter last year for good causes to support and made a statement in June that he would announce the winners shortly. Bezos was born in New Mexico in 1964. He grew up in Houston and attended Princeton University to study electrical engineering and computer science. He founded Amazon in 1994 and it has grown to become the largest internet retailer in the world.