Warner Bros. recently announced a release date for one of the two films featuring the arch-Nemesis of Batman, The Joker. The clown-faced villain is set to have his screen time legacy continued in a film existing in its’ own universe starring Joaquin Phoenix, which is to be released on October 4, 2019. Phoenix Joker film is set to begin taping this fall.

The Joker’s maniacal ways has always captivated audiences even when the character ventured out of the Batman story to terrorize other characters like Superman, July 18 marked the 10 year anniversary for The Dark Knight film. DC comics announced that they will be giving The Joker name not one but two films. The other film, in addition to the film starring Joaquin Phoenix, will take place in DCEU and star other characters like wonder woman and justice league as well. Jared Leo is set to star in that film.